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Multiple Columns Data Compare between two Files

How to get this ScriptPlease send Email with Subject "Multiple Column Compare"  to for Zip File

Note: Customization can be done on Request


This Script will compare the data between two files having MultipleColumns with multiple records

How to Use it


1) First download the data from Database or Reports or some other Source in Excel spread sheets. You should have 2 Excel Sheets each having a data set to compared.

Run the Script
1) Download the zip file
(Please send Email with Subject "Multiple Column Compare"  to for Zip File)
2) Unzip the Files

3) Simply Copy the Data from first Excel spreadsheets into File1.txt and second Excel Spreadsheet into File2.txt and save them

5) Enter the Number of Columns present in File1.txt and Click Ok
6) Enter the Primary Column Position Number. For Example. If Primary Column in in 4th Position Then Enter 4.
6) Once script execution is completed. Open the "Matches.txt" and "NoMatches.txt" files and "MatchesID_NoMatchesColumns.txt" Files
7) Matches File will have the exact Matches between File1 anfd File2
8) NoMatches file will have the PrimaryKeys Values present in File1 which are not present at all present in File2. In the sense there is no record at all

9) MatchesID_NoMatchesColumns.txt will have Primary Key Matches. But there will be atleast one mismatch in the rest of the Columns

Note: To find out the "Records present in File2 not present in File1". Run the other script "GET_MATCHING_RECORDS_OF_FILE2.vbs" which works the otherway round

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Developed By: Vijay Uppara (Vijaya Bhasker M Uppara)

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