Sunday, 15 April 2012

Single Column Data Compare between two files

How to get this Script

Please send Email with Subject "Single Column Compare"  to for Zip File

Note: Customization can be done on Request

This Script will compare the data between two files having Single Column with multiple records

How to Use it
1) Download the zip file (Please send Email with Subject "Single Column Compare"  to for Zip File)
2) Unzip the Files
3) Fill the values which are to be compared in File1 and File2 which acts as Input Files
5) Once script execution is completed. Open the Matches and NoMatches files
6) Matches File will have the common values between two input files
7) NoMatches file will have the "Records present in File1 not present in File2"

Note: To find out the "Records present in File2 not present in File1". Run the other script "GET_MATCHING_RECORDS_OF_FILE2.vbs" which works the otherway roundd

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Developed By: Vijay Uppara (Vijaya Bhasker M Uppara) 

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